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  • Taski R3 Glass Cleaner (COSHH Safety Data Sheet – C254)

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    Taski R3 Glass Cleaner

    This COSHH safety data sheet refers to product no: C254,  a glass cleaner you can buy now – Taski R3 Glass Cleaner Trigger 750ml

    1 Product and company identification

    Brandname: TASKI R3

    Application of the product: Professional cleaning/maintenance product for building care. Glass cleaner trigger spray.

    Manufacturer/Supplier: JohnsonDiversey India Pvt. Ltd, Survey No. 56/2, Plot No.17 & 18, Silver Ind. Estate Bhimpore Village, Nani Daman – 396210.

    Tel : (0260)2221629
    Fax : (0260) 2221011

    Information department: JohnsonDiversey India Pvt. Ltd., A-8, Laxmi Tower, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai-51

    Emergency information: Tel: (022) 56444222, Fax : (022) 56444223

    2 Composition / Information on ingredients

    Chemical characterization
    Description: Mixture in water of non-dangerous ingredients and substances listed below.

    Hazardous ingredients:

    CAS: 5131-66-8 EINECS: 225-878-4, 3-butoxypropan-2-ol, Xi; R 36/38, 10 – 20%

    Ingredients according to EC Detergents Regulation 648/2004 – perfumes

    Additional information: The full text of the relevant risk phrases is given in section 16.

    3 Hazards identification

    Classification: Non-dangerous according to the classification systems of the relevant EC guidelines.
    Hazards for man and the environment: void
    Classification system: The classification complies with current EC regulations on dangerous substances and preparations.

    4 First aid measures

    General information: No special measures required
    Inhalation: Remove from source of exposure. Obtain medical attention if symptoms develop.
    Skin contact: No special measures required.
    Eye contact: Wash immediately with copious amounts of water.
    Ingestion: Rinse out mouth and then drink one or two glasses of water (or milk). In case of persistent symptoms obtain medical attention.

    5 Fire fighting measures

    Suitable extinguishing media: CO2, extinguishing powder or water jet. Fight larger fires with water jet or alcohol-resistant foam.
    Protective equipment: No special measures required.

    6 Accidental release measures

    Protection of personnel: Not required.
    Environmental precautions: Dilute with plenty of water.

    Method of disposal: Absorb with liquid-binding material (sand, diatomite, universal binders, sawdust). Dispose of the collected material according to the regulations.

    Additional information: No dangerous materials are released.

    7 Handling and storage

    Handling ( see also sections 8 and 15)
    Information for safe handling: Ensure good ventilation/exhaustion at the workplace. Prevent formation of aerosols.
    Information about protection against explosions and fires : No special measures required.

    Storage :
    Requirements for storage rooms and containers : No special requirements.
    Storage in one common storage facility : Not required.
    Further information about storage conditions : None.

    8 Exposure controls and personal protection

    Additional information about design of technical systems : No further data; see section 7.

    Components with limit values that require monitoring at the workplace: The product not contain any relevant quantities of materials with critical values that have to be monitored at the workplace.

    Additional information: The lists that were valid during the compilation were used as basis.
    Personal Protection equipment:
    General protective and hygienic measures: Do not inhale gases /fumes/ aerosols. Use only in well-ventilated areas.
    Breathing equipment: Personal protection is not normally required. However, inhalation of dust, vapour or aerosol should be avoided.
    Protection of hands: Rinse and dry hands after use. For prolonged contact protection for the skin may be necessary.
    Eye protection: Safety glasses are not normally required. However, their use is recommended in those cases where handling the undiluted product involves a risk of splashing.

    9 Physical and chemical properties

    General information:
    Form: Liquid
    Colour: Clear Greenish Blue
    Odour: Slightly perfumed.
    Change in condition
    Melting point/Melting range: Not determined
    Boiling point/Boiling range: Not determined

    Flash point: 59°C (Pensky This product with a flashpoint between 21°C and 61°C does not support combustion.
    Spontaneous combustion: Product is not self igniting.
    Danger of explosion: Product is not explosive.
    Density at 25°C 0.94 – 1.00 g/cm3

    Solubility in / Miscibility with Water: Fully miscible.
    pH as such: 6.5 – 7.5

    10 Stability and reactivity

    Thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided: No decomposition if used according to specifications.
    Dangerous reactions: No dangerous reactions known.
    Hazardous decomposition products: No dangerous decomposition products known.

    11 Toxicological information

    Acute toxicity:
    LD50 (oral): Based on the toxicological classification the LD50 (oral) is estimated to be >2000 mg/kg.
    Primary irritant effect:
    skin contact: Unlikely to be irritant in normal use.
    eye contact: Unlikely to be irritant in normal use.
    inhalation: Can cause irritation.
    ingestion: Unlikely to be harmful unless excessive amount is ingested.

    Additional toxicological information:
    The product is not subject to labelling requirements for toxicological properties or human health effects under the EC Dangerous Substances and Preparations Directives. When used and handled according to instructions, the product is unlikely to have any harmful effects.

    12 Ecological information

    General notes: When used for its intended purpose this product should not cause adverse effects in the environment.

    13 Disposal considerations

    Recommendation: Must not be disposed of together with domestic waste. Do not allow undiluted product to reach sewage system.

    European waste catalogue: 20 01 30 – detergents other than those mentioned in 20 01 29
    Uncleaned packagings:
    Recommendation: Dispose of observing official regulations.
    Recommended cleaning agent: Water, if necessary with cleaning agent.

    14 Transport information

    Land transport ADR/RID (cross-border): ADR/RID Class: -
    Maritime transport IMDG : IMDG Class: -
    Air transport ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR : ICAO / IATA Class: -
    Transport / Additional Information : Non-dangerous according to above regulations.

    15 Regulatory information

    Classification according to EC guidelines:
    Non-dangerous according to the guidelines of the relevant EC Directives.

    Safety phrases:
    23 Do not breathe spray
    51 Use only in well-ventilated areas.

    Further indications on the label :
    Rinse and dry hands after use. For prolonged contact protection for the skin may be necessary.
    Safety data sheet available for professional use on request.

    16 Other information

    The information in this document is based on our best present knowledge. However, it does not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and does not establish a legally binding contract.

    Text of risk phrases associated with ingredients listed in section 2 :
    36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin.

    Department issuing material safety data sheet:
    JohnsonDiversey India Private Limited, A/8, Laxmi Tower, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400 051
    Tel.: (022) 56444222. Fax: (022) 56444223

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