Hand Care

Hand Care

The best hand care products? You're in safe hands with us

Day in, day out, your hands are exposed to all sorts of damaging effects from germs, dirt, harsh substances and strong sunlight. This constant exposure can leave them dry, cracked and eventually wrinkled. So you need to look after them.

We're no beauty specialists, but we can offer you some great hand care products to help keep your hands clean, safe, soft and smooth.

Hand care at home

With its classic, luxury fragrance and rich creamy lather, Imperial Leather Original Bar Soap has been cleaning and caring for all the family for generations. Another family favourite is our Carex Antibacterial Handwash, with its unique anti-bacterial formulation to help maintain the natural pH balance of your skin and Dove Cream Wash, which cleans and moisturises both hands and body.

If your hands are more sensitive to washing, then our Carex Antibacterial Sensitive Moisturising Handwash, with its triple moisturising action, provides extra care and added protection from bacteria.

Our wide range of hand wipes work wonders too, especially if you're on the move, as there's no need for water. Choose from Body Fresh Skin Cleansing Wipes, Deb UniversalWIPES General Hand Wipes or Deb UltraWIPES Specialist Hand Wipes.

If you have dry hands or sensitive skin, when it comes to washing dishes, we recommend wearing Rubber Gloves (small, medium and large available). And remember to wash the gloves out after to prevent a build up of bacteria!

Hand care in the workplace

Hand hygiene is fundamental to a germ-free environment, which is essential in the workplace. We can help you care for all those hands, whilst helping you to economise, when you buy hand soaps in bulk. Two of our buying in bulk best sellers are our Selden Pink Pearl Bulk Fill Perfumed Hand Soap and Deb Sceptre Hand & Body Lotion Soap.

We've all the best quality hand dryers too, and at the best prices around - from the sleek and stylish Dry Senz Ultra Dry Commercial White Hand Dryer to the compact and powerful Dry Senz Brushed Stainless Steel Hand Dryer. All are discreet, durable and perfect for your office washroom.

And remember, for every order over £100, we'll deliver direct to your door for free!