Insect Control

Insect Control

Say hello to summer and goodbye to bugs

Warmer weather, sunnier skies, longer days. Everybody loves summer. Including bugs. Flies, wasps, cockroaches, ants - these unwanted guests seem to get everywhere. They're larging it up in your garden, buzzing about your bedroom and causing a headache in your kitchen. But they needn't be!

At Cleaning Supplies 4U we've all the best bug blasting sprays, powders and products you'll ever need for an insect free summer.

The best bug blasters at the best prices around

OK, let's talk creepy crawlies. Our Raid Ant Killer Powder is powerful stuff. And it's not just ants it eliminates - you can say goodbye to woodlice, cockroaches and loads of other crawling critters too. If you're looking for a spray then our Raid Ant & Cockroach Killer - 300ml Aerosol Spray, will work wonders, whilst leaving a fresh summery scent.

If wasps and flies really wind you up, we've a wickedly simple solution - Raid Fly and Wasp Killer, a 300ml aerosol spray that's swift and super successful at silencing flying insects such as flies, wasps and mosquitoes. Also consider our Selden Selkil Fly Killer. Both sprays are perfect for a buzz-free home or workplace.

EcoControl electric flykillers. Your licence to ZAP

Our EcoControl series of electric flykillers are both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing. Incorporating innovative energy efficient UV light technology, they're loved by the environment and hated by all things that buzz.

The Eco Lamp 13 is a stylish and discreet table mounted lamp that incorporates Ultraguard pheromone impregnated glueboard technology. It's ideal for the garden, work reception areas or front of house areas in restaurants.

If you've a larger outdoor area, you'll need a more substantial EcoControl electric flykiller. Particularly suited to commercial premises, such as hotels, are our Eco Zap 39 and our Eco Kill Plus 40, both can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or left free standing.

Whatever insect control solution you choose, you can rest assured you'll always receive the highest quality products at the best prices around with Cleaning Supplies 4U; and for every order over £100, we'll deliver direct to your door for free!

Here's to a beautiful, bright, bug-free summer!