Keeping a Cleaner Kitchen

Keeping a Cleaner Kitchen

Love your kitchen; it's the heart of your home

For most of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. Morning, noon and night, the kitchen is the place to share meals, celebrate special occasions or grab a quick snack. So treat it with the care and attention it deserves - keep it clean, from top to bottom.

A cleaner kitchen is a safer kitchen for you and your family. And whether you're washing or wiping down, you needn't look further than Cleaning Supplies 4U, for all the kitchen products you'll ever need, at the best prices around.

The best kitchen cleaning products, at the best prices around

Let's start with a glistening, grime-free kitchen floor. Let's start with a solid Soft Bristle Brush followed by a great value Sponge Mop. And to quickly cut through the grease with ease, mix up an eco-friendly low foam solution of Selden Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser.

For safer, shinier kitchen worktops, simply Cif them!

Arm yourself with a Sponge Scourer; we've a pack of 10 for under £3! Then, with its easy-to-use trigger spray, keep all your kitchen worktops and food prep areas germ-free and gleaming bright with Cif Power Cream Kitchen Cleaner. An equally effective bacteria buster is our Mr Muscle 5in1 Kitchen Trigger Spray. Use either spray on your sink and oven too.

A sparkling sink and spotless oven

OK, scourers out again, but this time a hardwearing Steel Scourer to attack your sink's most stubborn stains (NB, only use a steel scourer on steel sinks, use a less abrasive scourer if your sink is ceramic). If you've a blocked drain, our Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Cleaner Gel will clear even the toughest clogs in minutes.

Now for that dreaded oven. Well, dread no more, as our Selden Thick Clinging Oven Cleaner, with its easy use trigger, will save the day - and at under £2.50, it'll save you cash too.

The sign of a cleaner kitchen

Of course, you'll want the family admiring you're glistening, good-as-new kitchen. So if they're looking in from outside, be sure to keep your windows brilliantly clean and smear free with our Windolene Original Window Cleaning Cream. Then again, you may rather hang our quirky Closed For Cleaning Sign on the door and keep prying eyes out until your kitchen cleaning task is complete.