Jet Blade Hand Dryer - Silver by C21 Hygiene

Jet Blade Hand Dryer - Silver

by C21 Hygiene

Product SKU: C21HD04


The C21 Jet Blade Hand Dryer is equipped with automatic infrared induction system. With a fast operation, it is highly sensitive and reliable. It is easy to use, the machine will start quickly when the hands are in and will stop automatically when the hands are lifted away. The Jet Hand Dryer will greatly reduce the use and waste of hand towels. With the advanced sensor start and stop system, it effectively prevents cross infection of germs and pollution. The Jet Blade Hand Dryer comes with selectable heating, meaning you can choose between Hot Flow (1.9kW) and Cool Flow (800W), giving better energy efficiency and savings. With its long lasting high speed motor the Jet Blade Hand Dryer performs well in the busiest of environments. With a drying time of less than 15 seconds this hand dryer on average will cost less than £10 per year to run giving savings in both energy and running costs, effectively paying for its self in under 1 year! Silver.