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Whatever the job, Plenty has a range of products for every occasion. Strong when wet, super-absorbent and re-useable; it's no wonder Plenty is the UK's favourite brand of household towel!*

NEW Plenty Dura Cloth

Same great product, brand new name! Enjoy the cleaning power of a cloth, in a paper towel with Plenty Dura Cloth, the new name for Plenty Super Strong.

Plenty Dura Cloth offers outstanding strength and absorbency, even when wet. Perfect for tackling those tougher, nastier messes around your home you’d normally use a cloth for, like a grimy hob or a grubby bath.

No wonder 9/10 agree it’s better for tougher cleaning**.

So join the cleaning revolution and try it for yourself. We're sure you'll be impressed, and if not we'll give you your money back.

The Big One

Plenty The Big One is exactly that. Its sheets are around 50% larger than standard Plenty and it can be used in and out of the home. This makes Plenty The Big One brilliant for big jobs, such as cleaning windows, drying pets and polishing cars.

The Original One

Perfect for a range of household tasks, from spills to food prep.

The Fat One

With 50% more sheets per roll compared with standard Plenty; two Plenty Fat rolls are the equivalent of three standard Plenty rolls – saving on storage space and trips to the shops. Plenty Fat rolls are available in white, Fun Prints and Border Designs, so you can pick a design to match your mood or décor.

Wipe, rinse, reuse

Plenty household towel is so strong, you can use it to soak up your spill, then rinse, wring and reuse it. That's why one sheet does Plenty.

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