Cleaner Concentrates

If you are a facilities manager, a professional cleaner – or someone who likes to run an immaculately clean home – it’s more than likely that cleaning concentrates have been on your radar for some time.

Cleaning Chemical Concentrates hold a number of advantages over their non diluted counterparts, making them ideal for both commercial and domestic use. First of all, concentrates work out cheaper than off the shelf cleaning chemicals, you can also mix as much or as little of the chemical – depending upon the cleaning task ahead, you can cut drastically cut down on storage and the amount of product your operation requires.

Cleaning concentrates span all types of cleaning products, and can be used across all of the materials found in bathrooms and kitchens – as well as hard surfaces across a premises. All of the products listed below have been handpicked by our expert cleaning teams, and represent excellent value for money – as well as excellent levels of cleaning performance.

If you have any questions about the range, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.


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