Compactor Sacks

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Waste Compactors are designed to crush rubbish and waste from into a smaller volume of material – allowing for reduced waste disposal and waste management costs. Compacted waste will typically be transferred into bins awaiting collection. Compactors are ideal choices for many businesses, making disposal easier and quicker.

Compactos work by using a metal plate or ram which crushes waste – in the same way a baler works. Users of a compactor, will load a chamber where this arm will fall down upon = the result is compacted waste which is ready for landfill. Unlike balers, compactors are designed to crush almost any type of waste – anything is fair game for a compactor, including plastic, metal, green waste, metal and paper.

Above, you can find our full range of compactor sacks which have been designed for industrial use, they offer tear resistance – as well as heavy weight ratings. You can view the full range above, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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