Numatic LoLine NLL332 Single Disc Rotary Machine by Numatic

Numatic LoLine NLL332 Single Disc Rotary Machine

by Numatic

Product SKU: 704484


The Loline range of low profile floorcare machines has been developed to meet both the growing demand and need for a choice of models that are smaller in size, lighter in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst, at the same time, being quick and easy to use without loss of performance. The new Loline rotaries have been designed specifically to meet this demand and raises the handling and performance levels to an exceptional user friendly standard be it for men or women operators. The smallest model in the Loline range can claim performance characteristics equal to that of bigger, more industrial machines, yet with an ease and speed of operation that will immediately endear it to any operator. A full range of 33cm (13”) brushes and pad drives allows the machine to be used for all of the primary floorcare functions. With a total weight of only 18Kg and an operating speed of 200rpm the machine literally exudes convenience and versatility. Fast and user friendly like never before. TANK & BRUSHES SOLD SEPARATELY.


Motor: 400 watts

Deck size: 330mm

Pad size: 330mm

Brush: 330mm

Power: 230v AC50Hz

Speed: 200rpm

Range: 32m

Weight: 18kg

Dimensions: 1145mm x 330mm x 540mm