Microfibre Cloths

At Cleaning Supplies 4U, we stock and supply an excellent range of microfibre cloths which are available to order online. These clothes are available in single units, as well as in packs – and many trade customers choose to buy their microfibre clothes from us in bulk – for their organisation or cleaning company.

These clothes are of the highest quality, and make a massive impact on the time and effectiveness of cleaning efforts, so regardless of whether you are buying a microfibre cloth to use at work, or just at home – you have come to the right place.

Microfibre cloths are fantastic for so many different reasons – and they offer fantastic performance compared to other types of cloths and paper towels. You can find the full range above, and below – we go into a little bit more detail about what microfibre cloths are and how they work.

What are Microfibre Cloths made of?

Microfibre cloths are not surprisingly, made up of micro fibres – small fibres which are usually a blend of polyester, polyamide or nylon. These microfibres are smaller than a strand of silk, and they are designed to be super absorbent.

What are the benefits of using Microfiber Cloths?

Unlike general purpose cloths – Microfibre Cloths do not push muck and grime around the surface that you are cleaning – instead the fibers in the cloths effectively hook onto dirt and muck – capturing it in the cloth. Although most viruses are too small to be picked up by a microfibre cloth, these cloths can be effective in picking up bacteria – which means some surfaces can be cleaned with water alone – although we always recommend cleaning with the correct cleaning chemicals.

The materials of Microfibre cloths have also been proven to do a fantastic job of picking up grease and oil – they also dry quickly, which means if you dampen the cloths – by the time you are finished using the cloth, they are dry enough to put away.

Microfibre Cloths & Cost Savings

Microfibre Cloths save both individuals and cleaning companies money – not only can microfibre cloths be washed and reused – they can also be used for so many different tasks, from cleaning kitchens, right across to dusting and cleaning windows – meaning that there is less requirement for lots of different cleaning cloths.

Microfibre Cleaning Products

The advantages of microfiber cleaning products don’t just stop at cloths and towels – microfibre materials are also used across a range of mops and even sponges. If you have any questions about microfibre cloths and how they can help in your battle against dirt – please do get in touch and we will be happy to help where we can.

You can buy these microfibre cloths above, or if you own or work for a business – you can get in touch to quickly and easily setup a trade account.

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