Paper Napkins

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Paper Napkins are one of our best selling products here at Cleaning Supplies 4U, and they are sold to a massive range of businesses which use these napkins in so many different ways. They are used for everything from cleaning up small amounts of mess, cleaning your hands, and are used across kitchen spaces as well as bathrooms. 


The most common customer of ours for buying paper napkins include bars, restaurants and cafes – where napkins are used for everything from cutlery presentation, right across to being used as coasters for drinks. Although cloth napkins are used across some more prestigious restaurants – paper napkins are the ideal choice for most. 


Above, you can find our full range of paper napkins – including different ply napkins, different colour napkins as well as different pack sizes. Remember, the more you order online with us – the greater the discount, and if you are to become a regular customer, you can create a trade account through us, for easy ordering. 

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