Chemical Spill Kits, Pads & Absorbents

Chemical spills remain a large risk in many workplaces, such as Workshops, Labs, Schools, Chemical Storage Facilities, Heavy Industry & Manufacturing premises. The first line of defence against such spills, are chemical spill kits. These kits have been specifically designed to clean up, handle and contain dangerous chemical spills – keeping everybody safe in the process.

All staff should be trained in how to handle these kits, and we recommend these kits are placed stragically around your premises, where the risk is greatest. At Cleaning Supplies 4U, our range of chemical spill kits include everything needed to contain a spillage, such as  absorbent pads and socks. All of these kits are also brightly coloured, featuring the words ‘Spill Kit’ in easy to read and clear writing.

If you have any questions about this range, please just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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