5 Reasons Workplace Cleanliness is Critical

A Lot of research has been carried out into how to create the ideal workplace for maximum productivity and staff satisfaction. Many companies and firms have invested in all sorts of weird and wonderful office furniture, such as slides from one floor to another, chill out areas, bars and pool tables.  Whilst this undoubtedly leads to a great and fun work environment - there are much simpler measures to look after your staff, increase productivity and keep your staff happy - the main one being simply running a clean and hygienic workplace.

Below, we look at five reasons why workplace cleanliness is critical.

Staff Productivity

Cluttered, dirty workspaces and offices undoubtedly reduce staff satisfaction, and ultimately productivity of your members of staff. Morale can quickly plummet if staff feel that they are working in a dirty, cluttered environment. In a study carried out by the Internal Sanitary Supply Association - 88% of those asked said that their concentration and productivity was hindered by an unclean workspace.

Companies should aim to make their workspace a clean and tranquil environment - which staff almost look forward to spending time in.

Less Sick Days

By 2030, it is thought that absences from work due to ill health will cost the UK economy almost £26 billion. This is an astronomical figure, with businesses large and small really struggling due to a lack of resource. A dirty office can become a goldmine for bacteria - with high touch surfaces such as door handles, phones, desks, mice, keyboards and even chairs can easily transmit illnesses such as the Flu. Regular cleaning, with the correct cleaning chemicals and practices, banish bacteria from accumulating - lessening the chances of your staff falling ill.

Staff Retention

If you have good members of staff, it’s highly likely that rival businesses and companies will also want them - meaning that as a business, you have to do all you can to keep the right staff in the right roles. There’s no easier way to lose staff than making them work a full day in a dirty, cluttered working environment - which makes them feel both stressed and anxious.

A pleasant working environment is absolutely key in your aim to retain staff.

Impressed Customers

Most businesses have customers and suppliers visiting their premises for meetings about everything from supply to chain to winning new business and opportunities. These meetings undoubtedly go better if they are carried out in a clean, hygienic and clutter free environment. Nobody wants to trust another business, who don’t take enough pride in their operations to keep a clean and tidy workplace.

Protect Assets

If you are seen to take care of your company assets then your staff are more likely to take care of our company assets. Whether it’s as simple as treating the kettle with care, not leaving any rubbish in the work van or more importantly, correctly maintaining and taking care of expensive company equipment - a clean workplace environment filters through to the obligations and care your staff take in their everyday work day.

Although holding a workplace to a high standard of cleanliness can seem difficult first, company culture soon changes and all levels of employees enjoy coming to work in a workplace they can be proud of.