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Youll be glad to know you have arrived in the right place. As one of the UKs premier cleaning product suppliers we have a variety of mop heads to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a rope style mop head or a foam pad, we have the mop head for you.

Our bestselling mop heads

To make things a little easier for you we have pulled together a list of our most popular mop head products below:

  • 12 PY red mop head
  • Kentucky traditional mop head
  • Excel socket mop
  • Hygiemix socket mop

What mop head is right for you?

All of our mop heads are great value, but what is the right one for you. Weve categorised some of the different options below to help you to decide:

White Prairie Mop Head

More hygienic looking. Weight for weight twice as absorbent as cotton. Leaves floors drier. Virtually lint free. Economical.

12 PY Mop Head

The Socket mop heads come in several colours to help prevent cross contamination in the work place. The mop Heads are durable and great for everyday use or for more professional work on rough and uneven surfaces.

Kentucky Mop Head

Our Kentucky Multifold Traditional mop heads are brilliant for cleaning large surfaces and absorbs liquid quickly thanks to its wide design. Great to use with a Kentucky style bucket or roller bucket and its combination of multi yarn makes heavy duty applications easy and efficient.