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At Cleaning Supplies 4U, we source and supply the very best cleaning materials and products - which we supply to a wide range of organisations and facilities, including Schools. Supplying to both schools directly, and to cleaning companies which look after the cleanliness and hygiene of schools - we ensure that all products ordered provide the highest possible performance, alongside providing excellent value.

Although a deep clean to the school property is best carried out during times in which they are no children in the school, there are also daily and weekly essential cleaning tasks which need to be carried out. In this article, we cover some of the most important parts of a school cleaning regimen - looking at what is cleaned, and when and lastly, why!


Large school classrooms with a huge amount of activity and school equipment, can lead to a very dusty environment. As well as dusting all of the usual spots within the classroom, whenever possible dust up high in the corners of the room to ensure a clean & tidy classroom environment. Specialist classrooms, such as science labs & music rooms need particular attention in this area.

Carpets & Flooring

The carpets and flooring within a school can take a real beating, especially during bad weather - where rain & muck is very quickly brought into buildings from outside. Ensure all hard floors are mopped up and cleaned, and all carpeted surfaces are thoroughly vacuumed.

Bathrooms & Toilets

It’s a fact that some children have less than desirable toilet manners - making cleaning the bathrooms and toilets within a school a key priority. Focus on cleaning the floor first, then turning to sanitise and cleaning toilets & sinks. When carrying out this work, it’s also a good idea to open the windows within the toilet to let some air circulate, or if that’s not possible - ensuring that the ventilation is on. Cleaning the toilets is also a good opportunity to report any damage.


It’s likely that any school will have at least one kitchen on the premises, for serving food to both teachers & students alike. These kitchens require everyday cleaning, to ensure everything remains clean & hygienic, whilst also requiring regular deep cleans - which cleans everything from extractor fans, to the ovens, worktops and serving equipment. The aim of these deep cleans and the every day cleans is to ensure that all food is prepared and served, in a safe environment.


Although the school will more than likely have a contract with a specialist window cleaning company, it’s also important to clean the windows from the inside too - not only to ensure they look their best, but also to allow maximum light into the classrooms.


One of the most important aspects of cleaning a school is killing the germs which are lurking across this germ rich environment - helping protect both pupils and teachers alike from outbreaks of illnesses. Using an anti-bacterial cleaner, a good cleaning regimen should focus on touch points across the school, where germs can be transferred, with typical examples of these touch points including handrails and doorknobs.

School Cleaning Supplies from Cleaning Supplies 4U

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