Vileda UltraSpeed Pro Starter Cleaning Kit With Mop, Frame & Pole

by Vileda
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Still mopping the slow, old-fashioned way? Still struggling with heavy vertical mops or out-dated flat mops? Facing problems with poor hygiene, low cleaning performance and heavy handling? Then it´s time to switch to the future of flat mopping. UltraSpeed Pro the most up-to date and best performing bucket-and-press system on the market. Product description The UltraSpeed Pro Starter Kit contain a chassis, single bucket, the innovative UltraSpeed Pro levered press plus an UltraSpeed Pro mop frame and Microfibre pad. Comes complete with pole so you are ready to start cleaning. The system can be adapted to include a second bucket. The double bucket system allows faster mopping of larger areas or if you want to fulfil more cleaning tasks you can use the second bucket to carry chemicals, cloths, paper etc. An optional ergonomic push bar can be added to either system to make moving the system around sites simple.